The Sports Dump All-Time 1-on-1 Basketball Challenge Day 4 Results

imagesCA9PGK1K#6 Tim Duncan defeats #11 Patrick Ewing 17-15

I love the Duncan/Ewing matchup and I think it would be a battle. Unfortunately for Ewing, this is an elimination game and we all know that Ewing never performs when the title is on the line. Duncan Wins 15-12

This one really could be a coin flip, but The Big Fundamental has a slight edge in all around skills. Duncan edges Ewing 16-14

I’m gonna have to go Ewing in the first matchup. It really is a coin-flip, but I think Ewing was a bit more explosive in his prime and had the better 17-footer. Plus, his nostrils flaring would psych out just about any opponent. Ewing, 15-13.

Before Lebron showed up, Tim Duncan was the best player since MJ. The game’s greatest PF dominates the overrated Knick. 15-6.

imagesCAQH379U#14 David Robinson defeats #3 Bill Russell 15-12

Russell averaged an amazing 22.5 rebounds per game for his career and that average went up to 25 rpg in the playoffs. That means that when the game is on the line, Russell is at his best. It’s just too bad Russell’s best is going to have trouble with the Admiral’s best. Robinson will overpower Russell in the post and shoots well enough to give Russell trouble 15 feet out. Robinson Wins 15-10

Robinson’s mid range jumper gets him the win. Zero points will be scored at the rim.

Russell was incredibly athletic and long, but people forget what a physical specimen Robinson was. He will muscle The Captain out of the paint with just his arms. And he had some cool shoes.
The Admiral moves on 15-11.

These are two of the most athletic bigs the game has ever seen. I’ll never forget the Admiral scoring 71 in the final game of the season to edge Shaq for the scoring title. That’s the kind of offensive game that’ll take you far in this tourney. Sorry Bill, Robinson takes it 15-12

imagesCAOYS24T#7 Shaquille O’Neal defeats #10 Elgin Baylor 15-4

Elgin upsets shaq bc shaq cant dribble or defend. If they checked the ball below the free throw line, shaq wins this maybe.

This game is not even going to be close. Shaq will overpower Baylor and force Baylor to shoot further away from the basket than he wants to and Baylor’s career 43.5% shooting percentage will give Shaq too many chances to back Baylor down and crush him with a monster dunk. Shaq Wins 6-0 after the game is postponed because Shaq shatters both backboards on the court and Baylor doesn’t show up the next day to finish it up.

Shaq in his prime was more agile than people today give him credit for. Baylor just gives up too much size in this one and Shaq advances, 15-12, despite not hitting a shot outside of 8 feet.

Baylor needs a better jumper to take the win against Shaq, and I just don’t think he was ever that consistent from long range. This is probably the ugliest game of the day and may take an hour to finish, but Shaq wins 15-11

Shaq in his prime vs. Elgin Baylor really isn’t fair. Elgin was revolutionary for the game, but Shaq will absolutely destroy him. 15-4.

imagesCAU73F7M#2 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar defeats #15 Bob Pettit 15-7

Bob Pettit was the game’s best big man of the 50’s, but he would be in trouble matching up against Kareem. Kareem will be able to get inside vs. Pettit and has the always deadly “Sky Hook” to finish him off. Kareem Wins 15-8

Other 7 footers can’t stop the sky hook, and at 6’9″, Bob is got his hands full. Kareem moves on 15-9

In the final matchup, the sky hook reigns supreme. Petit can forget it. Lew Alcindor, I mean, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 15-10.

I’m pretty sure @Jumbohungry only put Bob Petit in this tournament because he went to LSU. Kareem enacts the mercy rule 11-0.

Kareem- sky hooking all day!

Our biggest upset of the week happened today when #14 David Robinson defeated #3 Bill Russell, but the more you think about it, it’s not really a surprise. Today’s results set up some amazing 2nd round matchups between the Twin Towers and 2 Laker legends.


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