The Morning Dump: 3/1/13

imagesCAM42P0HMarch is here and that means that there it’s only 20 more days until the greatest 4 days in sports, the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA tournament.

Mayor Kevin Johnson has got a plan to keep the Kings in Sacramento and it involves a series of traps and kidnappings.

The feds went Mutombo (N0,No,No!) on New Jersey’s desires to open sports betting.

The Yankees and Robinson Cano are far apart on their contract negotiations.  Cano is the one guy the Yanks can’t afford to not lock up.

imagesCA2OZX3NCheck out “The Ultimate Fictional Baseball Team” and tell me what you think.  I’m pretty shocked that Artie DeVanzo and Johnny Trinno didn’t make the team.  Talk about a major SNAFU.

The “Catholic 7” are looking to breakaway and start play in 2013-2014 instead of the next year.

Minnesota wrestler loses NCAA eligibility because he sold his raps on iTunes.  I hope the NCAA used lube on this kid.

The Blackhawks’ streak is now at 20 games.



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