The Sports Dump 1-on-1All-Time Basketball Challenge 2nd Round Preview

imagesThe first 16 games of The Sports Dump 1-on-1 All-Time Challenge is in the books and 16 of the NBA’s all-time greats are left standing for round 2.  Round 2 will start on Monday and next week will have a slightly different format than last week.  Each day next week we will feature 1 “Guard/Wings” matchup and 1 “Bigs” matchup.  Each matchup will include stats, rankings and video highlights of each player, so get ready.

Here is the schedule for next week.

Monday:  #1 Michael Jordan vs. #8 Jerry West, #6 Tim Duncan vs. #14 David Robinson

Tuesday:  #4 Larry Bird vs. #5 Kobe Bryant, #2 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar vs. #7 Shaquille O’Neal

Wednesday:  #2 Magic Johnson vs. #10 Julius Erving, #4 Hakeem Olajuwon vs. #12 Moses Malone

Thursday: #3 Lebron James vs. #6 Oscar Robertson, #1 Wilt Chamberlain vs. #8 Charles Barkley

WOW!!!  I can hardly wait for the 2nd round to start.


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