The Sports Dump 1-on-1 All-Time Basketball Challenge 2nd Round Results: Day 1

imagesCAOL51WP#1 Michael Jordan defeats #8 Jerry West 15-4

Jerry had what was in my opinion the easiest first round matchup, now to make up for that he gets the pleasure of playing the GOAT. West is one of the best pure shooters the game has ever seen, but even with the benefit of having a 3 point line there is only so far you can back up against one of the best defensive guards of all time. Two iconic logos collide…Jumpman prevails big 15-4

I won’t spend much time on this matchup because neither will his Airness. I don’t think Jerry West will score.

Jordan-  I don’t believe I need an explanation outside of the most dynamic, dominant, superior ball player of all time

The Logo’s reward for beating John Stockton in the 1st round is a 2nd round matchup with the Jumpman. Jordan has the advantage over West in every way and will walk in to an Elite 8 matchup with the winner of the Bird/Bryant showdown. Jordan Wins 15-2. West hits a late 2 pointer to avoid the shutout.

MJ is pissed the NBA hasn’t changed their logo to the Jumpman and takes it out on Jerry. 15-0.

Michael Jordan moves on to the Elite 8 to face the winner of Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant.

imagesCA12UIZN#14 David Robinson defeats #6 Tim Duncan 15-12

This Duncan/Robinson matchup epitomizes our 1-on-1 contest. Duncan is clearly the better player, but the Admiral wins 1-on-1.  Robinson in his prime was just too athletic for Duncan to handle on both ends.

This is one of the hardest to pick yet. Any advantage Duncan has with his crafty play around the basket is negated by The Admirals defense. I’m sure after practicing against each other they both know who the favorite is, but I really have no idea. I’m giving the nod to The Admiral 15-14, my reason…I loved his Nike Pumps and the Mr Robinson’s Neighborhood commercials were awesome.

Duncan-  More of an all around game, a bit more touch from the outside.  A gentle giant.  Robinson could not win it all without him, but he proved he could without Robinson.

Master vs Apprentice. Teacher vs Student. I didn’t think Charlie listed enough “vs” examples so I wanted to add a couple more. In my opinion, David Robinson may have taught Timmy D just a little too much. I think this will be a hard-fought game of 1-on-1 but I think Duncan is just a touch more athletic which will get him the win.

The Jordan/Pippen matchup was a battle between 2 brothers that didn’t want to give an inch, but the Duncan/Robinson matchup would be like a son playing his father. This would be a great game and I can see high fives and smiles after someone scores and laughs after hard fouls, because these 2 really like each other. For a big man, Duncan is a wizard with the ball, but David Robinson has the skills to park that ball in the seats. The Admiral’s speed and strength will be too much for Duncan and Robinson will win. Robinson Wins 15-11

David Robinson is the only “Twin Tower” standing in the Elite 8 and waits for the Shaq/Kareem battle to play out.


One thought on “The Sports Dump 1-on-1 All-Time Basketball Challenge 2nd Round Results: Day 1

  1. Read the rules people. You gotta win by 2!

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