The Sports Dump 1-on-1 All-Time Basketball Challenge 2nd Round: Day 2 Results

imagesCAWZK8YB#5 Kobe Bryant (66%) defeats #4 Larry Bird (34%) 16-14

This would be an amazing matchup to watch. Obviously, Larry Legend has the best range and higher shooting percentage in this matchup. Kobe has an amazing ability to get to the rack as well as hit tough shots. I think the key here is Kobe’s defense. He can stand up to Larry and force him into bad shots or turnovers. Kobe wins a close one. Larry Bird is still the favorite in the upcoming Sports Dump H-O-R-S-E tournament.

Larry has the edge all day if this was going to be decided by a 3-point contest,a game of H-O-R-S-E or the worst sunburn on summer vacation, but it’s not. Kobe’s is 5 times the defensive player Bird is and Bird will not be able to drive on Kobe. That means Bird has to put up jumpers and Kobe will be in his face the entire time. Bird will not be able to slow Kobe down at all defense, because Bird’s best defensive skill of getting in passing lanes will mean nothing today. Kobe wears him out and forces Bird to make hard fouls out of anger to stay in it. Kobe Wins 15-10

This will be an epic battle to watch, and I’m guessing one or both of these guys will be bleeding at the end. Larry’s all around game is better than Kobe’s, but this is 1 on 1. Larry is going to give the Black Mamba all he can handle on the offensive end, but I think Kobe is just too much for him to handle. Kobe 15-13

Kobe is too fast and for Bird to defend one on one and Bird won’t able to push around Kobe because Kobe is just as strong as Bird is.

As much as I respect Bird’s shooting and team defensive skills, Kobe’s on-the-ball defense rules the day in this matchup. Larry Legend is nothing if not crafty and will find enough ways to score to make it a game, but Kobe pretty much scores at will. 15-11.

Bird- Better shooter and more size. Kobe cannot post up Bird

imagesCAABZ6RJ#7 Shaquille O’Neal (75%) defeats #2 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (25%) 15-11

I think this is the hardest matchup to pick a winner for yet. On one hand, you have Kareem’s athleticism and shooting abilities. Sky. Hooks. All. Day. On the other hand, you have Shaq’s unmatched power and force. Can Shaq back Kareem down to the rim enough times to win? Can he play defense just enough to stay ahead of Kareem? In the end, I think not. Kareem moves on to the next round.

If this was a matchup of IMDB pages, Kareem would be the clear winner. There is no way that “Blue Chips” or “Kazaam” could hold up against “Airplane” and “Game of Death”. But this isn’t a matchup of Hollywood resumes. It’s going to be a battle of 2 of the greatest centers to ever play the game. Kareem became the all-time leading scorer because he was able to stay healthy for so long. The “Sky Hook” was the key to that. By not having to bang around on the inside to score, Kareem was able extend his career longer than most big men. Shaq on the other hand is just pure force around the basket that can’t be stopped. Shaq’s overpowering style will wear Kareem down in a 1-on-1 battle and force him to rely only on the hook to score points. The problem with only shooting hooks will be, it will put Kareem out of position for rebounds on misses. I know Kareem shots at a high %, but 2-3 misses is enough to give Shaq an advantage. Kareem will be beat up by the end of this matchup and Shaq will hammer down enough monster dunks to win a close one. Shaq Wins 15-12

In his prime, Shaq was the most unstoppable force on the court and will crush Kareem when the basket comes down on him.

If we’re talking about Shaq at his best in the mid to late 90′s, I just don’t see how he doesn’t come away with the win here. Kareem just won’t be able to get close enough to the basket to unleash the sky hook. Shaq was bigger, stronger and faster than Kareem ever was. It’ll be ugly, but Shaq pulls it out 15-11

The second matchup is all about the refs. If they’re calling it tight, Kareem’s touch and sky hook is a huge advantage. If physical play is allowed, Shaq uses his extra 115 (!) lbs to go right through Kareem. Shaq can’t shoot, but that doesn’t matter when you’re hanging from the rim all day. This game is suspended for 15 mins when a Shaq monster dunk requires a replacement goal to be brought in, but it does nothing to slow the big fella down. Shaq moves on, 15-12.

Shaq- Big body and can back down Kareem. This would be close as Kareem could sky hook all day!



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  1. I completely agree with your decisions and dig your points of emphasis. Great job!

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