The Sports Dump 1-on-1 All-Time Basketball Challenge 2nd Round Day 3 Results

imagesCAZK4J7X#2 Magic Johnson defeats #10 Julius Erving 15-11

I agree with Charlie Copeland that Dr. J is going to give Magic some trouble. But Magic is definitely one of the most versatile, creative players ever to play and I think he would win this one.

Magic Johnson squeaks by Dr. J in today’s Guard/Wing matchup. Magic isn’t the most athletic guy, but he was incredible versatile. In 1980 NBA Finals, Magic’s rookie season, Kareem went down and Magic had to play center in game 6 against Dr. J’s Philadelphia 76ers. The result? 42 points.

Magic barely made it by the far more athletic Dominique Wilkins in the 1st round and I don’t think he can get by Dr. J. in the 2nd.  The Dr. will be able to drive at will and score easily.  Dr. J Wins 15-11

Magic got lucky getting by Dominique in my opinion, now he’s up against another athletic 2 guard with the Doctor. Dr. J is über athletic and crafty, but not the scorer that everyone thinks he was.  He only averaged over 25 once after he left the up tempo ABA. That being said, Magic never averaged over 25, but I think his ball handling and strength gets him to the next round.  Magic wins 15-13, but don’t expect him to go much further in this tourney…

untitled#4 Hakeem Olajuwon defeats #12 Moses Malone 15-8

I was really impressed with Moses Malone last week. He has some great moves for a guy his size. However, Hakeem is bigger, stronger and a better athlete. Hakeem wins this matchup running away and I’m left wondering who can stop him…

Hakeem Olajuwan makes short work of Moses Malone in the day’s second matchup. The Dream could possibly be the most well rounded big men in the tournament and Moses just can’t crack his defense or stop the Dream Shake.

The Dream is a nightmare matchup for almost anyone in this tourney. He dominates Moses in nearly every facet of his game but Moses is relentless and makes the dream work for every basket. Hakeem has too much offense for Malone though and pulls away with the win 15-11.

Moses-  Way too much grit for Hakeem.  He will back him down all day.


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