The Sports Dump 1-on-1 All-Time Basketball Challenge 2nd Round Day 4 Results

In our closest matchup of the tourney…

images#1 Wilt Chamberlain defeats #8 Charles Barkley 21-19

I’m loving these old school highlights!  Sir Charles was a beast, I forgot how fast he could get down the court.  Wilt surprised me with some range out towards the foul line and a nice fadeaway.    You better pick Barkley here though, or he might send you through a window in the next annual Chuckie Awards. This tourney is starting to get down to fundamentals, you can’t just out muscle everyone now. You need to be able to put the ball on the floor, and Barkeys handles and all around skill set carry him past one of the greats.  Sir Charles 15-12

Charles Barkley because he would beat Wilt Chamberlin’s ass!

Charles Barkley’s 50th birthday was the event that put this whole tourney in motion.  Barkley was undersized, but he outworked anyone else on the court.  I loved watching the Wilt highlights and have a new appreciation of his game.  He wasn’t just dunks and put-backs, he had a pretty fade and had solid range for a big man. (FYI: In 1968 Lenny Wilkins and Oscar Robertson finished 2,3 in assist for the NBA.  Guess who finished 1st?)  Barkley is the underdog here and he will put up a fight, but Chamberlain is just too dominant of a big man for Barkley to handle 1-on-1.  Barkley is tough and all, but Wilt went toe-to-toe with Conan.  Not the little red-head on T.V., I’m talking about the barbarian.  Wilt Wins 15-10

Wilt-  More size and better game.   Barkley will be tough, but will “wilt” under the pressure.

Barkley was great but Wilt the Stilt could be the greatest big man ever. Wilt will be parking Charles’ shot in the seats all night.

I’m gonna take Chuck here. He can put the ball on the floor and is tough enough to stand up to Wilt. Wilt just isn’t built for 1-on-1.

l#3 Lebron James defeats #6 Oscar Robertson 15-7

If anybody in the NBA has a shot to follow the Big O and averaged a triple double it’s Lebron. He is, as Jumbo said, the evolution of Robertson. Evolution got it right too, there’s no way the Big O can stop The King.  Lebron cruises 15-10.

Oscar Robertson was a bona fide NBA star and one of the greatest of all time.  He did everything on the court and was the most versatile player in the game.  Fast Forward half a century and Lebron James is doing the same things that the Big O did, only better.  Lebron is in the middle of the “GREATEST” prime ever and Oscar will be shut down.  Lebron Wins 15-8

LeBron is too big, too fast, too strong and just too damn good to lose to the Big O. Sorry Oscar, Bron moves on. I don’t know if anyone but Hakeem the Dream can stop Lebron…



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