The Morning Dump: 3/11/13

untitledBernard Hopkins became the oldest boxer to win a major title (IBF Light Heavyweight) over the weekend and cemented his place among the all-time greats.  I will admit that Hopkins’ fights are not the prettiest or most exciting, but nobody has ever been as good at taking someone out of their rhythm better than “The Executioner”.

Tiger Woods won his 2nd PGA event of the season and seems to have his putting stroke back in order.  If that is true, his major drought will be over soon.

15-20 Liberty has clinched a berth in the NCAA tourney and looks to be the team that gets throttled by Indiana in the 1st.

The Miami Heat just won their 18th straight and don’t look now, but the Los Angeles Lakers are in the 8th playoff spot in the West and are 2 games out of the 6th.

dukeI said it once and I’m saying it again, a healthy Duke team is the best team in the country.  They had Carolina beat on their court 2 minutes in and never looked back.

Mexico and Canada went head-2-head at the WBC on Saturday, to decide who would be the preferred choice of nudity and alcohol for underage border state teenagers and they got a bit chippy.

Losing Amar’e Stoudemire for 6-weeks will put a hurting on the Knicks shots at a deep playoff run.  With Indiana, Jersey and Boston coming on, the Knicks are going to lose their shot a home playoff series.

Is Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” really about a man watching another man drown?

U.S.A. soccer is down both their lead male and female goaltenders after Tim Howard broke two vertebrate and Hope Solo suffered a broken wrist (Jeremy Stevens was not involved, I think).  Howard’s absence could really hurt the team’s chances to qualify for the World Cup.

imagesCAABSAD8It only took Matt Kenseth 3 races to get his first win for Joe Gibbs Racing.  He held off a charging Kasey Kahne late to win on his 41st birthday.

I made my first NCAA Tourney bet of the season the other day.  I grabbed the field vs. the BIG10.  What do ya think?


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