The Sports Dump 1-on-1 All-Time Basketball Challenge Elite 8: #1 Michael Jordan vs. #5 Kobe Bryant

imagesCA2MXCB0Two rounds of the tournament are in the books and only 8 of the all-time greats are left standing.  Today’s matchup puts the two greatest shooting guards in the history of the NBA.  Between the two they have 29 All-Star games, 11 NBA titles, 12 scoring titles, 6 MVPs and 63,528 points.  They are both two of the game’s greatest 1-on-1 on the ball defenders and have never been outworked on the court.

#1 Michael Jordan, SG

Tale of the Tape

#5 Kobe Bryant, SG




216 lbs


220 lbs


Shooting %














We all know what kind of players these two guys were/are and we should be able to compare them objectively.  Here is some video of MJ and Kobe going at it in the start of Kobe’s career and the twilight of Jordan’s.


5 thoughts on “The Sports Dump 1-on-1 All-Time Basketball Challenge Elite 8: #1 Michael Jordan vs. #5 Kobe Bryant

  1. Look, it’s no secret that Kobe modeled his game after MJ, and he’s probably one of the only players that can come close to matching Jordan’s competitive fire. If the game is on the line and you’ve got one guy to take the last shot, you clear out and give it to one of these guys (props to Jerry West and Robert Horry here though). Now let’s be honest about this matchup, I know this is the elite 8, but this is the championship game. No offense to The King and The Dream, but no one else in this competition can touch these guys one on one. The barage of dunks, fadeaways and up and under layups in this contest may make some people’s heads explode, but it will be epic. Even though I’ve got these two guys as #1 and #2 in this tourney, there is still some separation between the two. Jordan in his prime is unstoppable. I love what Chuck Daily said about Jordan early in his career, “the guy is literally embarassing the league, he’s that good”. This is Jordan’s toughest matchup, but he still walks away victorious 15-11.

  2. From the beginning of this tournament I knew that Jordan and Kobe would be going at it for a spot in the Final 4 and it was the matchup I was waiting for.  These 2 guys are the ONLY 2 players who belong in the discussion of “Who’s the best shooting guard of all-time?” and this would be a great matchup.  Jordan has the stronger offensive skill set (Barely) and Kobe is the better on the ball defender (Barely).  Neither will be outworked by the other and neither will give an inch to the other physically.  Both will get to the basket on the other, but hard fouls may turn this into a fade away jump shot game.  When this game goes to the perimeter Jordan’s advantage in shooting percentage will separate him from Kobe and give him the win.  Jordan Wins 15-11

  3. Kobe will make this more of a game than most people think, but in the end Jordan will make him his Byron Russell and make him watch the winning shot drop.

  4. Jordan.  When looking at each player in their prime I think Jordan’s game is more complete.  Defense was stifling.  Could drive and score at will and could also stop and pop, as well as the fall away jumper.  This one is very tough, but I think Jordan squeaks out the victory.  If you have to win by two this one goes overtime. 

  5. I know some out there think that Kobe Bryant stands no chance against Jordan. I just don’t believe that. There are very few guys that are worthy of a Jordan comparison and Kobe is one of those. In the 1-on-1 world… their games are similar. Jordan holds the edge in many areas and Kobe in a few others. We assume Jordan is the better shooter overall and many will agree that Kobe is probably the better on ball defender. I think they are fairly even in the ability to get to the hoop and creativity.

    I think if you played this matchup 10 times you’d get one guy winning 6. I think that guy is Jordan. As far as Kobe or Jordan getting skunked in any of those matchups… it’s just not gonna happen. It would be more likely to see a 30-28 victory than a 15-1 or 15-0.

    Jordan moves on…

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