The Morning Dump: 3/15/13

untitledNFL free agency is shaking out and here is my quick opinion on some early moves.  Loved it: Reggie Bush to Lions, anything Seattle has done, Saints signing of  Keenan Lewis. Hated it: Bushrod to Bears, Welker to Denver.

NBA admits that Dahntay Jones’ should have been called for a foul and throws some flames on the Kobe fire.

Geno Smith showed enough in his pro day to warrant an early 1st round pick.  I say there is no way he gets past the 8th pick.

Broncos safety Quinton Carter got caught adding money to his bets after the dice were rolled  in Vegas over the weekend.  Luckily he was just arrested and they didn’t bust his hands for the transgression.

Jennifer Capriati was arrested for attacking her ex-boyfriend.  It has not been reported what stroke she used.  Front-hand or back-hand?

JJClint Bowyer will win the Food City 500 in Bristol this weekend, but if he doesn’t Jimmie Johnson is my pick.

How sad is it that Kevin Kolb and Matt Cassel are in demand even though they suck this bad?


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