The Morning Dump: 3/18/13

It’s the day after St. Patty’s Day and the gutters are overrun with green puke and the brackets are getting filled.  I love tournament time.

untitledMy Final 4 is Mich St., Arizona, Florida and Indiana.  (That is not set in stone and my change 20 more times before my bracket is done.)

Let’s talk about brackets.  I hate more than anything when people do multiple brackets.  I do one bracket and submit it in any bracket pool I want to enter and that is how it should be done.  No man should ever say “I called that Duke upset in one of my brackets.” or “I need to check my brackets and see how I did in them.”.  BE A MAN AND DON’T DO MUTIPLE BRACKETS!

GSP put it on Nick Diaz at UFC 158, but Diaz’s admition that he has never paid taxes in the post-fight presser has made the most news.

The Miami Heat’s win streak is at 22 games and I think that the Lakers 33 game win streak is in jeopardy if they can get by the Celtics tonight.

Speaking of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek is stepping down and I hope they give The Jumbo a call.

My Pens vs. Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final prediction is still looking good.

imagesKasey Kahne took an exciting win in Bristol yesterday.  I don’t think the Hamlin/Logano fued will die down anytime soon.

2 weeks until opening day of the 2013 MLB season and I can’t wait.



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