TSD 1-on-1 Basketball Challenge Final Four

imagesThe Sports Dump 1-on-1 Basketball Challenge is down to the Final Four men vying for the tile of “Greatest 1-on-1 Player of All-Time”.  Michael Jordan is the consensus “GOAT”, but Lebron James is starting to earn some looks as his main competitor for the title.  It’s time to throw out scoring titles, MVP’s and rings and break down the 1-on-1 battles.

#1 Michael Jordan, G

Tale of the Tape

#3 Lebron James, F




216 lbs


250 lbs


Shooting %















2 thoughts on “TSD 1-on-1 Basketball Challenge Final Four

  1. After coming off of a win over Kobe, Jordan now faces the latest heir to the thrown in King James. Lebron is hailed as one of the best defenders in the game today, and he better be ready as he’s now up against the greatest scorer this game has ever seen…oh, and he’s not too bad of a defender himself. James is goings to get some points muscling himself to the basket, but MJs athletic ability is going to make it tough. Between this game and the last round versus Kobe, I imagine you would see a fire in Jordan like no other. He will unleash upon Lebron an offensive arsenal like that of 1000 gods, and when all is said and done will remove the crown from Lebron’s torched soul and walk into the final round with a 15-10 victory.

  2. Jordan vs. Lebron! Can it get any better? Michael Jordan retired the GOAT and that title will be his until someone takes it. That someone will be Lebron James. If this was a MVP or Championship contest, then Lebron would be DOA, but it’s not. Lebron James is Jordan’s equal in 1-on-1 offensive ability and on the ball defense and his size and strength give him a measurable edge in a 1-on-1 contest. The only real advantage that MJ would have on Lebron is his ability to be “CLUTCH”. Lebron is starting to earn a rep for performing under pressure, but MJ has had that rep since his college days. One shot, one game, one moment, and then Jordan is my pick. I am going to give a close hard fought victory to Lebron James based on his ability to use his size and strength to score inside and force Jordan to rely on jumpers. Lebron Wins 15-12

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