The Morning Dump: 3/19/13

imagesThe Miami Heat won it’s 23rd straight game last night and scored its first win in Boston since ‘W’ was in office.  They showed toughness coming back and have a shot at the 33 game record.

Did your team get any compensatory picks from the NFL for the 2013 draft?

Good news for Star Lotulelei, as he has been cleared for full participation in his pro-day.  Lotulelei was forced to miss the combine due to a heart ailment found in the pre-combine physical.

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn went high school and confirmed they are dating with tweets and Facebook posts.

I don’t know who Steve James is, but he doesn’t have DICK on Chris Hays.

nyThe New York Yankees are a bunch of whining elitist who are suing StubHub for undercutting their ticket sales.

I think it is going to pass, but Goodell’s plan to end RBs leading with their head at contact is beyond stupid.  It will lead to more RB injuries and will backfire big time.

Roger Goodell needs to go “Godfather” on Selig and make him an offer he can’t refuse.  The least he can do is drop a horse head into Bud’s bed.


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