TSD 1-on-1 All-Time Basketball Challenge Final Results

After 32 players and 30 matchups we came down to one last matchup for all the glory that comes with being The Sports Dump 1-on-1 All-Time Champion.

91ccf3baf4457d2ddbe93760e5143a63Bigs #4 Hakeem Olajuwon defeated Guards/Wings #3 Lebron James 15-11

I’ve said since day one that The Dream is gonna be tough to beat, and I’ll stand by that in this matchup.  If Lebron attempts to show off some of the post moves the Dream taught him, he’s gonna find out real fast there is a difference between trying them against Tyson Chandler and Chris Kaman and one of the best defensive centers this game has ever seen. I just think Lebron’s quickness and jumping ability will be negated by Hakeem’s shot blocking and long reach.  On offense the Dream will have a field day with Lebron in the post, he just has too many moves to counteract anything a 6’8″ defender can throw at him (no matter how strong and quick he is).  The Dream wins it all 15-12

The only matchup that would give Lebron trouble would be Lebron vs. Jesus.  Hakeem ain’t Jesus.

Lebron will retire the GOAT and he is in the middle of the greatest “Prime” we have ever seen, but he will be in trouble vs. Hakeem 1-on-1.  I’m sure there are a few moves that The Dream failed to show Lebron and there is nothing that Lebron can throw at him that he won’t park in the seats.  Lebron will be forced to step away from the basket and Hakeem will force him to try to win with the jumper.  If Lebron has to do that, I don’t see him keeping up with the scoring pace Hakeem will be rocking in the paint.  Hakeem Wins 15-11




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