NCAA 2nd Round Preview and Picks 3/24/13

images#10 Iowa St. vs. #2 Ohio St. 12:15pm CBS

Iowa State is going to try to spread the floor, put up a ton of threes and they are the kind of team that can pull off an upset, but I don’t see the Buckeyes losing today.  Their smaller lineup will not let the Cyclones dictate the pace.

#9 Temple vs. #1 Indiana 2:45pm CBS

Temple has some upset potential, but the Hoosiers are bigger, stronger, faster and can score in bunches.  The Hoosiers are on the fast track to a Final 4 and the Owls aren’t going to slow them down.

#8 UNC vs. #1 Kansas 5:15pm CBS

The Tarheels are not a good matchup for the Jayhawks.  They have the horses to spread the floor and their bigs can play on the perimeter.  That will force Withey away from the basket.  The problem with the Heels is predicting which team shows up.  Heels win.

#11 Minnesota vs. #3 Florida 6:10pm TNT

The Gophers had a first round bye vs. a UCLA team that quit on the season, but today they get one of the nation’s best in Florida.  The Gators have been beaten by physical teams, so the Gophers have a shot.  I just don’t see them being able to beat the Gators.

untitled#15 FGCU vs. #7 San Diego St. 7:10pm TBS

Are you ready for a #15 seed in the Sweet 16?  Get ready!  This game may have 170 total points.

#13 LaSalle vs. #12 Ole Miss 7:40pm TruTV

LaSalle has 4 really good guards and will spread Ole Miss out, but Ole Miss has the star of the tourney in Marshall Henderson and will welcome the tempo.  Every other shot could be a 3-pointer in this game and I think the Rebels take it.

#7 Illinois vs. #2 Miami 8:40pm TNT

Illinois and Miami have beaten some great teams this season, b ut they have lost to some bad teams this season as well.  I feel that Miami is just to big for Illinois and they defend very well.  Miami moves on.

kelly#7 Creighton vs. #2 Duke 9:40pm TBS

The only chance that Creighton has is for Doug McDermott to be able to play his game and score against Ryan Kelly.  Not happening.  Creighton will try not to let Duke get open threes, but they will have trouble with Duke’s talent level.


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