The Morning Dump: 4/3/13

Yu Darvish came one batter short of pitching a perfect game last night when Marvin Gonzalez hit a single through his legs.

untitledRobinson Cano has fired Scott Boras and he becomes Jay Z’s first big name client as a sports agent.  I hope he does better than Master P did as an agent.

Andy Enfield is on the way to USC and his wife is on the way to a reality show.  Great look from Jason Lisk on coaches getting new jobs after 1st tourney wins. 

Mike Rice has to be fired by Rutgers by lunch today, right?

I think Mark Cuban is just saying he would draft Griner to hear his name, but she may be the first woman since Ann Meyers Drysdale (Pacers ’79) to get a NBA tryout.  It won’t be good.

imagesCA7DS7SIPSG gets a 2-2 draw vs. Barca and Messi leaves with a hamstring injury in the first.  Will Messi be healthy for the 2nd leg?

Pat White has signed with the Redskins and he has also dropped out of the concussion lawsuit by the former players vs. the NFL.  White HAD claimed permanent damage from his 1 NFL concussion in the suit, but I guess a NFL paycheck is enough to be healthy again.  The only players in the suit are broke and it is just a money grab.




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