I Want A Ted Williams Biopic.

imagesCA42F1L2The Jackie Robinson biopic ’42’ was the number 1 film in the country this weekend and is on my current “Things To Do” list.  The story of the first African-American player in the MLB was long overdue to get the Hollywood treatment and I’m glad it’s doing well, but there is one baseball legend that is long overdue for the Hollywood treatment.  When are we going to get a Ted Williams movie?  “Teddy Ballgame” isn’t just a baseball icon, but he is true American hero.  The man walked away from baseball not once but twice in his prime to fly fighters planes in WWII and the Korean War and each time he came back, he was the best player in the game.  Add in his love/hate relationship with the Boston media and the fans, you have one hell of a story.  Once you throw in the fact that his head is in a Florida freezer, a Williams biopic would also be the only sports movie that could have a Sci-Fi themed sequel.


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