The Morning Dump: 4/15/13

Have all you dumpers got your taxes done?

imagesAdam Scott drained a 15-foot birdie putt on the 2nd playoff hole to win his 1st major and the 1st Masters title for Australia.  Long praised as the next Greg Norman, Scott now has a major victory to hush some detractors.

The Lakers beat the Spurs last night to move closer to a playoff berth and a matchup with the Thunder.  A Kobeless Laker team has no chance vs. the Thunder, but would be my pick vs. the Spurs in a series.

Smart move by Carlos Quenton to drop his appeal before the Dodgers/Padres series gets started today.  We may still see some bad blood between these two teams.

The world on the street is that Darrell Revis used the Giants’ surgeon for his knee surgery and the Jets aren’t happy about it.

Mike Rice is still coaching and his daughters AAU team is now getting the brunt of his homophobic slurs.

imagesThe Atlanta Braves are looking very good now.  Can they keep it up?

Is anyone surprised that a gun was brought into the infield of the NRA 500 and a man killed himself during the race?  I’m not.



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