Tavon Austin Will Shake Up This Draft

imagesThe most electric and exciting player in the draft is WVU WR Tavon Austin and it is a known fact by every team that he will not get past #16 to the St. Louis Rams.  That is why I think Austin will be the catalyst that gets the trade winds blowing on draft night.  Picks 11-15 are all going to be in play for a team picking after the Rams at 16 that are in need of a playmaker on offense.  I can easily see the Saints trading the 15th pick to Pittsburgh for the 17th and the 48th pick in the draft.  The Saints need a 2nd Rd pick and the Steelers need an offensive playmaker to replace Mike Wallace.  The Vikings hold the 23rd and 25th picks and they could move them to get ahead of the Rams as well.  I don’t know exactly how it is going to play out, but I just know that if the Rams want Austin in this draft, they MUST be ready to move up from 16 because a number of teams will be trying to get him first.


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