LebronThe ALL-NBA TEAMS were announced on Wednesday and for the most part they got it right.  Lebron James led all players with 595 points by receiving all 119 first place votes.  Check out the list and let me know what you think about it.


LeBron James, Miami: (119 first place votes) 595 points

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City: (102) 555

Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers: (91) 521

Chris Paul, LA Clippers: (97) 537

Tim Duncan, San Antonio: (45) 392

GasolNo arguments from The Sports Dump on the first 4 on this list, but Marc Gasol was the anchor of the league’s best defense and should have been on the 1st team over Tim Duncan.  I know Duncan has had a renaissance season this year, but Gasol’s 2012-2013 season can’t be overlooked.


Carmelo Anthony, New York: (24) 397

Blake Griffin, LA Clippers: 132

Marc Gasol, Memphis: (38) 295

Tony Parker, San Antonio: (16) 273

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City: (20) 306

LamarcusThis is where I feel Duncan should be slotted and Blake Griffin needs to be dropped to the 3rd team for LaMarcus Aldridge.  Aldridge posted another 21 point-plus season and had career best rebound and assist numbers to go with it.  I think his injury down the stretch hurt his stock, but not enough to drop him to the “Also receiving votes” list.


David Lee, Golden State: 79

Paul George, Indiana: 73

Dwight Howard, LA Lakers: (17) 203

Dwyane Wade, Miami: (3) 145

James Harden, Houston: (5) 253

curryOutside of James Harden and David Lee, my 3rd team is very different.  Joining Blake Griffin are Stephen Curry and Joakim Noah.  Curry has arrived and this is Wade’s last season on this team.  Howard’s season was still very good, but Noah’s toughness and defensive grit gives him the edge on my 3rd team.



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