Bobcat fans react to the Zeller pick

Here is a gem from Thursday night if you missed it.  With Ben McLemore and Nerlens Noel still on the board, the Charlotte Bobcats drafted Cody Zeller with the 4th pick in the NBA draft.  I guess they are banking on a BIG 2nd year jump from MKG.  I wonder how Andrew Wiggins will look in teal?


TSD 2013 NBA Mock Draft

timthumbIt looks like the NBA will follow in the footsteps of the NFL and we will not know know the #1 pick until the name is called tonight by David Stern.  My mock was built on which way I think teams should go and without any trades.  I think there will be a few trades tonight, but I don’t think any big surprises will happen.

1. CLV Otto Porter Jr., SF, Georgetown I think Noel is going to be a very good NBA center, but you shouldn’t have to wait for #1 picks to develop.  Porter is a NBA ready SF and will fit great with Irving and Waiters
2. ORL Ben McLemore, SG, Kansas The best shooter in this draft is a NBA ready scorer.
3. WAS Alex Len, C, Maryland The Wiz take the more offensive ready big man in Len.  Len has the upside to be a great pick and the risks to be a huge bust.
4. CHA Nerlens Noel, C, Kentucky The Bobcats continue their recent trend of drafting Kentucky Wildcats.  Noel will instantly help them on the defensive side and Patrick Ewing will help with his growing offensive skill set.
5. PHO Trey Burke, PG, Michigan The Pelicans need Burke, but the Suns get the steal.  Burke will be a star in the NBA and will soon be the best PG in the West. (Even with Paul in the West.)
6. NO Victor Oladipo, SG, Indiana Great on defense and good on offense makes Oladipo a solid pick for the Pelicans.
7. SAC Anthony Bennett, PF, UNLV Pure potential pick here.  Bennett has it and he could be the star of this draft if he hits it.
8. DET Michael Carter-Williams, PG, Syracuse Big athletic PG will be a perfect fit in Detroit.
9. MIN C.J. McCollum, PG, Lehigh McCollum is a scorer that can play beside Rubio or for him. 
10. POR Kelly Olynyk, C, Gonzaga I like Olynyk’s game over Plumlee, Zeller and Adams and I think most teams do too.
11. PHI Mason Plumlee, C, Duke Bynum didn’t/won’t pan out and Plumlee can give the 76ers what they need inside. Continue reading

Game 7 Headband?

lebron-james-looks-shockingly-different-without-his-headbandIt looks like Lebron is going to be sporting the headband tomorrow night vs. the Spurs.  James said today that “I’ll probably start off with it, man.  A little superstitious. If it gets knocked off, then me and him will have a discussion if he will return.”  Chris Bosh compares Lebron losing the headband to Bruce Lee seeing his own blood in the old Kung Fu movies and thinks it sent Lebron into beast mode.  That being said, I am all for Lebron rocking the headband to start the game, but as soon as he misses a few shots or lets a pass slip through his fingers he needs to toss that thing into Flo Rida’s lap.  My wallet needs an “Angry No-Headband Lebron” to win game 7.

TSD Friday Five

Fridays are going to give you 5 sports related questions to ponder over the weekend and to argue about.

  1. TedWho is the greatest athlete to never win a championship in their sport? Dan Marino will get some run, but my pick is the greatest hitter of all-time, Ted Williams. He is also the greatest athlete to have his head chopped off and frozen.
  2. Is Gregg Popovich the 3rd best NBA coach of all-time? For me, Pop is the guy. I give it to him over Riley.
  3. What is your favorite sports movie that many people may not know about? It’s a photo finish between Let It Ride and Side Out for me and I’m giving it to Side Out by a Courtney Thorne-Smith bikini.
  4. What’s your Heidi game?  What sporting event did you turn off too early? As soon as Michael Waltrip won the 2001 Daytona 500 I left Midtown and took a Jack Daniels nap. It was only about a day later that I realized Earnhardt died.
  5. TprontpWhat city would you like to be in on the night their franchise won a title? My easy answer is NOLA with my Saints, but I would go with Toronto after their first Stanley Cup win since 1967.

Chime in and let know what you think.