Overlooked, Undervalued and Underrated

I started this post because our own Richard Phillips had me starting to believe that Tracy McGrady’s career was being overlooked and underappreciated, but after doing some research I don’t see that at all.  McGrady had some very good season’s, but he never had much of an impact on the league or his teams.  Has any other league scoring leader ever played on the team with the worst record like McGrady did in 03-04?  When you try to compare McGrady’s career to his peers he comes up short in every way.  Do you know who McGrady is?  McGrady is Glen Rice with less talented offspring.

mcgriffFred McGriff

Sandwiched between Hall of Famers Eddie Murray, Lou Gehrig, Stan Musial and Willie Stargell on the all-time home run list sits the “Crime Dog” Fred McGriff.  McGriff’s 493 career round-trippers is 26th all-time, but McGriff can’t get more than 20% of the vote for the Hall of Fame.  One of the knocks I hear is that McGriff doesn’t have the magic HR number of 500, but out of all the power hitters of his era, McGriff is the only one that hasn’t ever been linked to PEDs.  I just don’t understand it.  If Bonds, McGwire, Sosa and Palmeiro can’t get in for being “Dirty”, then why aren’t McGriff’s accomplishments held in higher regard for being “Clean”?

Antawn Jamison

Who’s the greatest NBA player to come out of UNC?  That one is easy.  Who’s the 2nd best player to come out of UNC?  I think it’s Jamison.  He sits 43rd on the career scoring list just ahead of Bernard King and fellow UNC alum and 6-time All-Star Walter Davis.  Jamison has a career 18.8 ppg average and has been one of the most consistent performers of the past decade.  I’m not saying he deserves a place in NBA loar, but he deserves more than the respect he has received.

greeneKevin Greene

1985 saw the debut of 4 of the best pass rusher in NFL history with Bruce Smith, Reggie White, Chris Doleman and Kevin Greene starting their careers, but one of those guys will not ever make the Hall of Fame.  Maybe it’s because he never won a Super Bowl or it’s because of his stint in the WWE.  I don’t know why, but Kevin Greene isn’t getting the respect he deserves.  He was pass rush nightmare and a defensive leader for 15 seasons.  Greene has been getting some love lately from the HOF voters, but it will never be enough to get the #3 man on the All-Time sack list into Canton.

Harold Baines

Outside of the PED lepers, Pete Rose and the players who are not eligible yet, Baines is the only player in the top 50 in career hits that is not in the Hall of Fame.  Why?  Not sure.  His career numbers rival hall of famers Al Kaline and Jim Rice and he was an exceptional defensive outfielder early in his career.  I think that some baseball snobs hold that he was a DH for the last half of his career against him, but the numbers should speak for themselves.

alexanderShaun Alexander

I may have a special place in my heart for Alexander (It’s a fantasy title thing), but there is no arguing that he is one of the most underrated and underappreciated backs in NFL history.  His 112 career TDs are more than Hall of Famers Barry Sanders, Franco Harris and Curtis Martin scored and his 9,423 career yards in 9 seasons has him ahead of Earl Campbell with the same career arc.  The 2000’s belonged to LT, but Shaun Alexander is the sold 2nd best RB of the decade.


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