2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Blackhawks vs. Bruins

BHAfter the lockout shortened season, the Stanley Cup Finals are here with the first “Original 6” final since 1979 and I think it’s going to be a great series.  Here are a few things to look for and my pick.

  • Watch the forwards.  They are skilled, they are physical and they can put the puck in the net.  The Bruins have to have the edge with David Krejci and Nathan Horton, but Bryan Bickell and Patrick Kane may be the Blackhawk’s answer.
  • Expect a lot of power play chances, but very few power play goals.  Both these teams are going to be physical and there will be plenty of penalties, but these 2 teams don’t give up the goals.  The Bruins held the Pens to 0-15 in the Eastern Conference Finals and the Blackhawks have killed 95% of power plays in the playoffs.
  • A goalie will win the Conn Smythe trophy.  The 2 best goalies in the 2013 playoffs are in the finals and I expect there to be nothing but 1-0 and 2-1 games and I expect both Tuukka Rask and Corey Crawford to have a great series.
  • imagesJumbo’s Pick:  I went with the Blackhawks at the start of the season and they are the favorite to beat the Bruins.  The Bruins showed me something in the Pens series and I am on the bandwagon.  Bruins in 6.

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