TSD Friday Five

Fridays are going to give you 5 sports related questions to ponder over the weekend and to argue about.

  1. TedWho is the greatest athlete to never win a championship in their sport? Dan Marino will get some run, but my pick is the greatest hitter of all-time, Ted Williams. He is also the greatest athlete to have his head chopped off and frozen.
  2. Is Gregg Popovich the 3rd best NBA coach of all-time? For me, Pop is the guy. I give it to him over Riley.
  3. What is your favorite sports movie that many people may not know about? It’s a photo finish between Let It Ride and Side Out for me and I’m giving it to Side Out by a Courtney Thorne-Smith bikini.
  4. What’s your Heidi game?  What sporting event did you turn off too early? As soon as Michael Waltrip won the 2001 Daytona 500 I left Midtown and took a Jack Daniels nap. It was only about a day later that I realized Earnhardt died.
  5. TprontpWhat city would you like to be in on the night their franchise won a title? My easy answer is NOLA with my Saints, but I would go with Toronto after their first Stanley Cup win since 1967.

Chime in and let know what you think.


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