Game 7 Headband?

lebron-james-looks-shockingly-different-without-his-headbandIt looks like Lebron is going to be sporting the headband tomorrow night vs. the Spurs.  James said today that “I’ll probably start off with it, man.  A little superstitious. If it gets knocked off, then me and him will have a discussion if he will return.”  Chris Bosh compares Lebron losing the headband to Bruce Lee seeing his own blood in the old Kung Fu movies and thinks it sent Lebron into beast mode.  That being said, I am all for Lebron rocking the headband to start the game, but as soon as he misses a few shots or lets a pass slip through his fingers he needs to toss that thing into Flo Rida’s lap.  My wallet needs an “Angry No-Headband Lebron” to win game 7.


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