Bobcat fans react to the Zeller pick

Here is a gem from Thursday night if you missed it.  With Ben McLemore and Nerlens Noel still on the board, the Charlotte Bobcats drafted Cody Zeller with the 4th pick in the NBA draft.  I guess they are banking on a BIG 2nd year jump from MKG.  I wonder how Andrew Wiggins will look in teal?


One thought on “Bobcat fans react to the Zeller pick

  1. I wasn’t too excited about this pick when it happened, not because I don’t like Zeller, but more for who was left on the board. However, after some soul searching and watching some videos of Zeller’s range I’m warming up to this pick. I think his athleticism and outside shooting will allow him to make an immediate impact as a stretch 4, and if he can put on another 15 pounds over the next 18 months that should allow him to handle some of the bigger bodies in the league for years to come. I would liked to have seen us trade down to get him at nine, but rumor is he was going to go at 5-7 anyway. The reality is Charlotte will not be a destination for any quality FAs until they can show that a solid foundation and start to win some games. In that case, I think they made the right call. With the front office looking to extend qualifying offers to Hendo and/or Mullens, I think the thought was they would loose one of these guys in the near future if they drafted for a competing position and moved them to the bench. So, would you rather have McLemore and Mullens or Hendo and Zeller, I’ll take Hendo and Zeller all day. Some additions to the staff should help develop the young guys, hopefully Mark price can help with MKG’s jumper and Walkers pick and roll decision making, Ewing can improve Biyombo’s offense, and Hendo can take another step forward this season (he averaged 19 per game the 2nd half of the season). A line up of Walker, Henderson, MKG, Zeller and Biyombo will be uber athletic and should be fun to watch. No matter what happens, the Zeller pick set the bar for Cho’s job security over the next 12-24 months.

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