Jumbo’s NFL Week 3 Betting Guide

After 2 weeks I’m sitting pretty at 19-12-1 (61%) and I look to improve with a solid Week 3.  I’m off to a good start after hitting the Thursday night Eagles/Chiefs matchup and I’m feeling good about this week.  Here we go.

Texans -2 at Ravens 1pm CBS (Ravens 30 Texans 9) Texans

The Texans have had to struggle for their 2-0 start and could be running into trouble on the road in Baltimore, but I just don’t see it.  The Ravens offense is in trouble and the Texans D will wake up this Sunday.

Giants -1.5 at Panthers 1pm FOX (Panthers 38 Giants 0)

In a battle of winless teams, the Giants should make easy work of the Panthers.  They at least have an offense that can score points and that is one thing the Panthers don’t have.  It won’t be pretty, but the Giants get their first win.

Packers -2 at Bengals 1pm FOX (Bengals 34 Packers 30)

This game makes me wish the NFL could flex the Sunday game each week.  The Bengals should get to Rodgers plenty and make him work for points.  The Packers should also be able to get to Dalton and give him some short clocks in the pocket as well.  This game will be close and that gives the edge to the Packers.

Rams at Cowboys -4 1pm FOX (Cowboys 31 Rams 7)

The Cowboys are the best team in the worst division in football and they will defend their home field vs. the Rams.  Look for Romo and the Dallas WRs to get plenty vs. the Rams weak pass defense and for the Cowboys to win easy.

Browns at Vikings -5.5 1pm CBS (Browns 31 Vikings 27) This one HURT!

EASY MONEY!  The Browns have no prayer to cover and they know it.

Buccaneers at Patriots -7.5 1pm CBS (Patriots 23 Bucs 3)

The Bucs are in a sinking sunk ship and even the anemic Patriots offense will be able to score enough points to cover the 8 pts needed.  I look for the Pats WRs to wake up and for Brady to have a monster game.

Cardinals at Saints -8 1pm FOX (Saints 31 Cardinals 7)

The Saints D is the reason they are 2-0 and have been able to survive the slow start from Brees and company.  I think that slow start ends vs. the Cardinals.  Look for the Saints to open it up and for the Cardinals to be chasing them from the start.

Chargers at Titans -3 1pm CBS (Titans 20 Chargers 17) PUSH

If it wasn’t for a couple of 4th qtr collapses to the Texans, these 2 teams would be among the NFL’s early undefeated.  I look for the Chargers to travel well and bring an offense that should outscore the Titans.  Chargers in a small upset.

Lions at Redskins -1 FOX (Lions 27 Redskins 20)

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Would anyone be surprised if Suh ripped RG3’s leg off and beat him with it?  Me neither.  The Skins have no chance to slow down the Lions passing attack and the Lions win this one big.

Falcons at Dolphins -1 4:05pm FOX (Dolphins 27 Falcons 23)

The loss of Steven Jackson makes the Falcons the most one dimensional team in the league this weekend, and that will not bode well for Matt Ryan as the Dolphin defense will be coming at him all afternoon.  Ryan can expose the Dolphin secondary if he gets time, but that will be hard without a RB to take the pressure off.

Bills at Jets -2.5 4:25pm CBS (Jets 27 Bills 20)

Which rookie QB will be able to win the turnover battle?  I don’t think it matters, since the Bills will not be able to slow the Jets RBs.

Colts at 49ers -10.5 4:25pm FOX (Colts 27 49ers 7)

Vernon Davis is banged up and the Colts have a new back to show off in this game.  I expect the 49ers to win with the superior team, but look for the Colts to keep it close.

Jaguars at Seahawks -19.5 4:25pm CBS (Seahawks 45 Jaguars 17)

19.5 is a monster line for the NFL and I would take the Seahawks at -25.

Bears -2 at Steelers 8:30pm NBC (Bears 40 Steelers 23)

For the 2nd straight game the Steelers are going to get beat up in primetime.  The Bears will get over on the weak Steelers line and this game will get out of hand.

Raiders at Broncos -16.5 8:40pm ESPN (Broncos 37 Raiders 21)

I think the Broncos are the class of the NFL and they will be rolling until Peyton goes Peyton in the playoffs, but I have to go with the Raiders here.  16.5 points is big and I think that the Raiders will keep this game closer than expected.  They will be able to get pressure on Manning and that will slow him down enough to keep them in it.  (I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Broncos won by 30.)


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