2013 College Football Primer Week 5

After last week I’m sitting at 22-14 (61%) and I’m looking to put together another strong week.  Unfortunately I’m already starting the week in the hole, after taking Georgia Tech -7 vs. Va Tech so I need to recover quick.  Lets  get on it.

#13 South Carolina -7 at UCF 12pm ABC (South Carolina 28 UCF 25)


I’m not in the business of picking SEC teams to lose non-conference games, but Central Florida has a chance to get the win at home.  UCF needs get Conner Shaw to turn the ball over, and get their run game going, but they have the horses.  Am I taking the Knights to upset?  Not today.  Just give me those 7 points and I’ll be happy.

#6 LSU at #10Georgia -3 3:30pm CBS (Georgia 44 LSU 41)

The SEC looks to give us “The Game of the Week” each week out and this one will be great.  Both QB’s are playing at a high level, but this game will come down to which team can stop the other team’s All-Star RB.  Gurley and Hill are both beast, and they will give both these defenses hell.  I look for LSU to hold Gurley better than the Dawgs can hold Hill.  LSU to win.

#12 Oklahoma -3.5 at #22 Notre Dame 3:30pm ABC (Oklahoma 35 ND 21)

If OU wants to make people think that the BIG12 can factor into the BCS Title picture, they will have to beat the Irish in South Bend. Notre Dame’s win in Norman last year was the game that got them noticed in the polls and a win today can get them back on track for a BCS bowl.  The Oklahoma talent wins out and ND’s BCS hopes are dashed.

#21 Ole Miss at #1 Alabama -15 6:30pm ESPN (Alabama 25 Miss 0)

Ole Miss is ranked again and they have the WRs to test the young Bama secondary, but they are a few years away from being able to hang with the Tide.  Bama shows why they are the country’s best team today with a big win.

Arizona at #20 Washington -9.5 7pm FOX (Washington 31 Arizona 13)


Give me RichRod on the road for the upset.  The PAC12 is a great conference and these two teams are a big part of their uprising.

#24 Wisconsin at #3 Ohio State -7 8pm ABC (Ohio State 31 Wisconsin 24)

Braxton Miller will be back for this one, but I think the bigger story to watch will be Melvin Gordon running all over the Buckeye D.  Wisconsin can control the tempo with their offense and that gives them something vs. OSU’s talented team.

USC at Arizona State -5 10:30pm ESPN2 (ASU 62 USC 41)

This Arizona State team is good, but I feel like its time for USC’s running game to wake up and dominate a game.  The USC D will travel well and the Sun Devils offense will have serious troubles.  USC for the upset.


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