Jumbo’s NFL Week 4 Betting Guide

After 3 strong weeks I’m 30-16-2 (66%) and looking for another big week to finish out the 1st quarter of the NFL season.  I missed on the Thursday night game, so 15-0 is out.  Lets get on it.

Ravens -3.5 at Bills 1pm CBS


The Ravens are the 2nd best team in the AFC and a banged Bills team will be in trouble.  The Ravens are an easy cover.

Cardinals at Buccaneers -3 1pm FOX

I don’t see the Bucs slowing down the Cardinal WR’s and I look for the Cards to give Doug Martin a hard time in the trenches.

Steelers -1 vs. Vikings (London) 1pm CBS

This game is perfect for Wembley Stadium, since the fans are used to games with lots of kicking and very little scoring.  This game is our revenge for all that royal baby coverage.

Giants at Chiefs -4.5 1pm FOX

If the Panthers D could get to Eli 7 times, the Chiefs D should get to him even more.  The Giants are losing this season already and this team may implode.

Colts -8.5 at Jaguars 1pm CBS

The Colts should breeze through their bye week in Jacksonville, and be ready for the Seahawks next week.

Seahawks -3 at Texans 1pm FOX

The Texans were exposed vs. the Ravens last week and the trend will continue.  Matt Schaub is a liability and Seattle will eat him up.

Bengals -4.5 at Browns 1pm CBS


Bryan Hoyer is the starter in Cleveland until he gets hurt or the 2014 NFL Draft, and he makes them better.  He just doesn’t make them good enough to hang with the Bengals this weekend.

Bears at Lions -2.5 1pm FOX

The Bears are 3-0, but their secondary will be in trouble vs. Calvin Johnson and the Lions.

Jets at Titans -4 4:05pm CBS

The Jets D has impressed me and they will give the Titans trouble.  If Geno Smith can avoid turnovers, the Jets should pull the upset.

Redskins -3 at Raiders 4:25pm FOX

I’m making this pick on the assumption that Pryor will be starting for the Raiders and they are at home.

Eagles at Broncos -10.5 4:25pm FOX

Can the Eagles keep up the pace they need to win with the mile high air?  I very much doubt it.

Cowboys -1.5 at Chargers 4:25pm FOX

This Cowboys team is the class of the NFC East (Not Hard To Do), but the Chargers already have one NFC East victim this year.  Should be a good game.

Patriots at Falcons -1.5 8:30pm NBC

Brady and his young WR are starting to gel and the Falcons are a wreck.  Give me Brady and the Pats.


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