Jumbo’s NFL Betting Guide Week 10

After 9 weeks I’m 72-57-5 for the season, but the last 2 weeks have not been very good to me.  This week already started rough, when the Redskins decided that they didn’t want that game on Thursday night.

BushRedskins -2.5 vs. Vikings

Bengals -1.5 at Ravens

Lions -2.5 at Bears

Eagles +2.5 at Packers

Colts -10 vs. Rams

Falcons +6.5 vs. Seahawks

Giants -7.5 vs. Raiders

Jaguars +13 at Titans

Bills +3.5 at Steelers

Panthers +6 at 49ers

Cardinals -2.5 vs. Texans

Broncos -7 at Chargers

Saints -7 vs. Cowboys

Dolphins -2.5 at Buccaneers


TSD College Football Primer Week 11

The heat is on now.  I am still in the middle of a horrible run and have dropped my 2013 college football betting record to 40-40-3 (50%).  I need to start building some strong weeks to get back to 60%.

Baylor -16 vs. Oklahoma

Oregon -10 at Stanford

130427163917-jeremy-hill-single-image-cutLSU +12.5 at Alabama

Miami -5 vs. VT

Texas Tech -2.5 vs. K State

Vanderbilt +10 at Florida

UCLA Pk Em at Arizona

Auburn -7.5 at Tennessee

NC State +10 at Duke

Notre Dame -4 at Pittsburgh

UNC -13.5 vs. UVA

I need a big week and I feel great about these games today.

Jumbo’s 2014 Dynasty Rookie Watch List

evaNSI know we are just in the meat of the 2013 season, but it is never too early to be looking at the talent that will be hitting dynasty leagues next year.  This class is filled with solid talent that can help your dynasty team win right away.  Here are my current positional rankings as of today.  These rankings are fluid and will changes often, but these are the top 36 guys I’m watching.







Marcus Mariota





Teddy Bridgewater





 Brett Hundley





 Derek Carr

Fresno State




Zach Mettenberger





Tajh Boyd





 Johnny Manziel

Texas A&M




 A.J. McCarron





Stephen Morris





 Aaron Murray




mariotaThe upcoming NFL offseason is going to bring us at least 10 teams looking to make a change with their QB and this draft has the most talent in it since the famed class of 1983.  Mariota and Bridgewater are the class of this draft’s QBs.  Great arms, great leaders and they both can use their legs to get out of trouble.  That is good because they will be in plenty of trouble behind the O-lines in Jax or Tampa.  Hundley, Carr and Mettenberger are the next best on the board, but Manziel has a real chance of going before them to the Raiders or Texans.  The Texans job looks to be the best for 2014, with the Cardinals job close behind.  The Browns job could be a solid fantasy spot with the right guy in the huddle.  Mettenberger could be the guy they give the reigns to. Continue reading

Jumbo’s NFL Betting Guide Week 9

ryanI couldn’t get above .500 last week and that dropped my season record to 67-49-4 (58%).  My week isn’t off to a great start after Marvin Lewis decided to punt in OT instead of take a FG.

Bengals -2.5 at Miami

Panthers -7.5 vs. Falcons

The NFC South is on the mix again and it’s the Panthers turn to make a run at the playoffs.

Cowboys -10.5 vs. Vikings

Ponder wins the coin flip and gets the start.  It doesn’t matter.

Titans -3 at Rams

Good nap game.

Bills +3 vs. Chiefs

The Bills upset the Chiefs

Ryan-Reynolds-vs-Ryan-Gosling-Hotter-Shirtless-600x450Saints -5.5 at Jets

Ryan vs. Ryan!  The battle that football fans want to see and not this one.  You’re welcome ladies.

Raiders -2.5 vs. Eagles

All 3 of the Raiders wins have come at home and all 3 of the Eagles wins have come on the road.  What gives?

Chargers Pick at Redskins Bravehearts

The Chargers D sucks less.

Seahawks -16.5 vs. Buccaneers

Bet vs. the Bucs 16 times, and you will be fine.

Ravens -2.5 at Browns

Does anyone want to chase the Bengals?

Patriots -7 vs. Steelers

Not the game it was in 2009, but it’s enough.

Colts -2.5 at Texans

Colts get by the Texans.

Bears +11 at Packers

Bears are done.

2013 College Football Primer Week 10

Florida-State-Betting-Odds-2012-082512L_1Another tough week have dropped me to 39-35-2 for the season low 53% winning percentage.  I got to get it back and this is the weekend to do it.

Mississippi State +12 at #14 South Carolina

NC State +5.5 vs. UNC

#23 Michigan +5 at #24 MSU

Georgia -3 vs. Florida

#8 Auburn -7.5 at Arkansas

#15 Texas Tech +1 vs. #18 Oklahoma State

#7 Miami +22 at #3 FSU