Jumbo’s NFL Betting Guide Week 9

ryanI couldn’t get above .500 last week and that dropped my season record to 67-49-4 (58%).  My week isn’t off to a great start after Marvin Lewis decided to punt in OT instead of take a FG.

Bengals -2.5 at Miami

Panthers -7.5 vs. Falcons

The NFC South is on the mix again and it’s the Panthers turn to make a run at the playoffs.

Cowboys -10.5 vs. Vikings

Ponder wins the coin flip and gets the start.  It doesn’t matter.

Titans -3 at Rams

Good nap game.

Bills +3 vs. Chiefs

The Bills upset the Chiefs

Ryan-Reynolds-vs-Ryan-Gosling-Hotter-Shirtless-600x450Saints -5.5 at Jets

Ryan vs. Ryan!  The battle that football fans want to see and not this one.  You’re welcome ladies.

Raiders -2.5 vs. Eagles

All 3 of the Raiders wins have come at home and all 3 of the Eagles wins have come on the road.  What gives?

Chargers Pick at Redskins Bravehearts

The Chargers D sucks less.

Seahawks -16.5 vs. Buccaneers

Bet vs. the Bucs 16 times, and you will be fine.

Ravens -2.5 at Browns

Does anyone want to chase the Bengals?

Patriots -7 vs. Steelers

Not the game it was in 2009, but it’s enough.

Colts -2.5 at Texans

Colts get by the Texans.

Bears +11 at Packers

Bears are done.


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