Jumbo’s Hypothetical Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

Today the BBWAA had to turn in their ballots for the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame inductions.  That means we have until January 8th at 2pm before we find out what absurdly stupid fake moral high ground decisions the BBWAA made.  Last year they didn’t elect one of the deserving men to the HOF.   I am not a member of the BBWAA (Far from it), but if I was my ballot would look just like this. A player must appear on 75% of the ballots to be enshrined, and no more than 10 players can appear on a ballot.

  • bagwellJeff Bagwell (Last Year: 59.6%)  The fact that one of the top 10 1st basemen in the history of the game is still waiting to get in the HOF is a travesty.  The 1994 NL MVP finished his career with 2314 Hits, 449 HRs and 1,529 RBIs, but just because he has muscles the idiots in the BBWAA don’t feel he deserves to be in the HOF.
  • Craig Biggio (68.2%)  Another guy that should already be in is Bagwell’s Astros teammate, Biggio.  One of the top 2nd basemen of all-time, Biggio’s 3,060 hits should put him.  In fact he is the only player in baseball history with at least 3,000 hits, 600 doubles, 400 stolen bases and 250 home runs.  I hope  this is the year that the BBWAA pulls their heads out of the own asses.
  • Barry Bonds (36.2%)  Steroids?  Sure he did.  HGH?  Of course.  Greatest hitter since Ted Williams?  No doubt.
  • Roger Clemens (37.6%)  Same as above but insert “Greatest pitcher since Walter Johnson.
  • Tom Glavine (1st Year)  The 2-time Cy Young Award winner finished his career with 305 wins and was one of the top pitchers in the game for the 90’s.  If he doesn’t get in on the 1st ballot the world might end.
  • madduxGreg Maddux (1st Year)  The only question will be if someone goes nuts and he fails to get on 100% of the ballots.  FYI: Current record is Tom Seaver with 98.84%.
  • Fred McGriff (20.7%)  We all know why the BBWAA has failed to vote McGwire, Sosa, Palmeiro and the other “Steroid Era” hitters, but what’s the deal with slighting the “Crime Dog”?  If you are going to not vote those guys in, then McGriff’s “clean” 493 HRs should be a massive benchmark.
  • Rafael Palmeiro (8.8%)  Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Eddie Murray and Rafael Palmerio are the only players in MLB history with more than 3,000 hits and 500 HRs, but only one of them isn’t in the HOF.  This needs to be remedied ASAP.
  • Mike Piazza (57.38%)  The greatest hitting catcher ever fell an idiotic 18% short of getting in on his first chance.  Though never linked to steroids, he seems to have been thrusted into that lot by the BBWAA.
  • thomasFrank Thomas (1st Year)  The pricks of the BBWAA are in the market of screwing the big guys these days, but since the “Big Hurt” was a beast in high school and college I think he will be immune to the screw job.  The 2-time MVP finished with 521 HRs and a career .301 avg.

These are the 10 most deserving guys in my book with Tim Raines, Mike Mussina, Mark McGwire and Curt Schilling also deserving a look.  I would hope that the BBWAA would wake up and recognize the accomplishments of these guys, but that would be way too much to hope for.  That being said, my prediction for the 2014 class is Maddox, Thomas, Biggio and Piazza.


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