I Hope Ryan Newman Crashes The Chase With A Winless Championship Season



In NASCAR’s new “Winning Matters More” Chase format, winless Ryan Newman is on the verge of winning a championship and for the sake of chaos I NEED this to happen.  If Ryan Newman was to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup Title, it would clearly make this the most worthless championship that anyone has ever won.  Think about it.  The driver that won a series leading 8 races in 2003 to finish 6th in the standings could now earn a series championship by not finishing out front once.  I love it!  NASCAR is so messed up.  How can you explain a driver who ranks tied for 14th in victories (0), 15th in top 5 finishes (4) and 10th in top 10 finishes (15)?  You can’t!  He doesn’t even have a 2nd place finish this season.  This scenario is so crazy that I may have to actually watch the race instead of NFL football on Sunday.  Not really though, but GO NEWMAN, GO CHAOS and GO NASCAR STUPIDITY!

FYI.  I don’t dislike Newman one bit and would really love to see him get a title.  I just think they way he may “earn” one is ludicrous.


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