TSD 2014 World Cup Quarterfinals Preview and Predictions

Now that the USMNT is out and I no longer have a national rooting interest to worry about, I can now drop my predictions for the quarters.  Though I would have preferred watching some Team USA over this holiday weekend, the matches will be very exciting.

Friday, July 4th

Germany vs. France  (12pm ESPN2)



France will have to rely on its strong defense (2 WC Goals Allowed) and hope it can take advantage of Germany’s struggling backline to advance.  The Germans boast the stronger side, but outside of their 4-0 beatdown of Portugal they have not shown it.  I’m giving the Germans the edge to move on to the semifinals and a matchup with the Brazil/Colombia winner.  The only wildcard is the reported flu going through the German team in the lead-up to this match.  Germany 2-1

Colombia vs. Brazil (4pm ESPN)

Columbia has by far been the most fun team to watch in the 2014 World Cup and I don’t see them letting up.  Due to the pressure they’ve felt to perform, I’ve rooted hard for the host team, but I don’t see them getting past Colombia.  Columbia’s James Rodriquez is becoming a star on the national stage and I expect for him outshine Neymar.  Brazil has the talent, but outside of Neymar they have not consistently shown up.  Colombia will also be boasted by the hole left in Brazil’s middle from the loss of Luiz Gustavo.  Colombia 2-0

Saturday, July 5th

Belgium vs. Argentina (12pm ABC)



Can the greatest player in the world carry Argentina to the semifinals?  Not by hisself he can’t.  Messi has done it all for Argentina, but without the rest of the team, this is as far as they will go.  I think Sergio Aguero has a chance to step up vs. Belgium, and that would help Messi a lot.  Belgium may continue to play tight until after the 70th minute and hope for late game heroics to get past, but attacking early could take advantage of Argentina’s suspect backline.  Argentina 1-0

Costa Rica vs. Netherlands (4pm ESPN)

It will be the Dutch attack vs. the Costa Rican defense on Saturday afternoon, and I think we will be in for some great soccer.  If van Persie and Robben are on, Costa Rica will have major problems slowing them down.  I look for the Dutch to end the surpise run of the Costa Ricans and to move on to face Argentina is the semis.  Netherlands 2-0

So there you go folks.  Chill the beers, fire up the grill and get ready for some great soccer.


The Morning Dump: 4/11/13

I hope I can get much work done today with the Masters streaming in my office.

untitledKobe scores 47 as the Lakers beat the Blazers to move 1 game up on the Jazz for the 8th spot.  They have 3 games left to lock it up.

Brady Quinn is the backup QB in Seattle and Troy Smith still has no job.  What do you think Bish?

Richard Sherman told the Vancouver Sun that half the league is on Adderall.

Barca survives with a wounded Messi and moves on to the Champions League semis.  They will need him at full strength to win it all.

The severed head of a goat was delivered to Wrigley Field yesterday.  It was addressed to team owner Tom Ricketts and the police were brought in to inspect.

Eric Fisher is starting to get some run as the #1 pick in the 2013 draft.



The Morning Dump: 3/13/13

In what was no surprise to anyone, the BBWAA failed to select a pope yesterday and today.  Many voters have openly said they will not vote for Cardinal Angelo Scola or Cardinal Marc Ouellet because of the PED rumors that surround them.

No shocking cuts or signings during the first day of NFL free agency.  Old money gets dumped and new money gets paid.

untitledI can’t believe the Browns gave this guy $34m.

The Miami Heat are rolling and it looks like they may never lose again.

Barca needed to get its juice back and Messi needed to step up for the club to reach the Champions League quarters and that is just what happened.  Barca beat Milan 4-0 with 2 masterful goals by Messi.  If Barca is awake, the rest of the world is in trouble.

A healthy Ricky Rubio is very fun to watch.

The Morning Dump: 2/27/13

imagesMinnesota beat the #1 Hoosiers last night, making that the 7th time the #1 ranked team has lost this season.

Get ready for a monster season from Bryce Harper and the Nationals.  They are my World Series pick and he is about to be my prediction for N.L. MVP.

Real Madrid beat Barca 3-1 yesterday on the leg of Christiano Ronaldo’s 2 goals.  Barca has dropped 2 straight matches and are looking pedestrian at the wrong time of the season.  I think they are really missing coach Tito Vilanova.

Tyrann Mathieu had a strong combine showing and will be causing havoc for someone as a 3rd round pick.

imagesCAEO5ZGKRussia’s Sagid Murtazaliev has joined Bulgaria’s Valentin Yordanov and returned his wrestling gold medal to the IOC in protest of wrestling being dropped from the Olympics in 2020.  Will any U.S. wrestlers join the protest?

Former UT strength and conditioning coach, Troy Willis was arrested for breaking into the basketball offices and vandalizing them.

David Stern is going to drop the hammer on the Pacer and Warrior players involved in this.

The Morning Dump: 2/21/13

AC Milan drops a 2-0 upset on Barca in their Champions League round of 16 yesterday.  Massive loss for the best team in the world, means they have a lot of work to do to stay in the game.

imagesThe Budweiser Duels start today at 2pm and I’m calling a JGR sweep with Hamlin and Kenseth winning their races.  Check out the lineups here.

I love Richard Sherman’s reaction to Revis’s twitter smack.  I’m not sure what’s up with Revis, but he needs to accept that Sherman is the new top dog DB in the league.

The Lakers rolled the Celtics in their first game after the death of team owner Dr. Jerry Buss.  Great game to honor Buss, since he loved beating the Celtics more than anything.

James Jones thinks that the NFL should eliminate helmet-2-helmet penalties.

beardThe Beard dropped 46 on the Thunder last night in a Rockets win.

The Buffalo Sabres let Lindy Ruff go yesterday after 15 years on the bench, but I think they were 6 years too late of Ruff’s expiration date.

WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship was suspended yesterday due to snow.  That’s right, snow in Arizona.

MKG gave the Bobcats fans something to cheer for, with a monster dunk on Greg Monroe.


The Morning Dump: 2/18/13

imagesCABDHSE0What’s the best way to watch the NBA All-Star game?  Miss the first 2 hours by watching Killing Lincoln on NatGeo and then turn on the game.

Enjoy your time as the best PG in the NBA, Chris Paul.  Kyrie Irving is coming for you.

I was disappointed at the weakness of the “Danica on the Pole” jokes.  My advice to Danica is to start your 150 and park your car for the 500.  If you run the race, you will wreck and have to start in the back.  You need to save your wreck for the 5th lap of the 500.

Obama and Tiger had a good old fashion men’s golf outing over the weekend.  I bet Michelle gave The Pres strict “No Blue Martini” orders.

imagesCA8ZNJKVIf Ashton Kutcher’s claims are true, that he fronted one of the largest sports betting syndicates, I got so much more respect for Kelso.

The Chicago Blackhawks are still riding a season starting 15-game point streak.  The 16-game record is about to fall.

Lionel Messi scored his 300th goal for Barca over the weekend and continues his epic season.

Who should your favorite NFL hit with the Franchise Tag?

imagesCABXDUHTBryce Harper (230) and Mike Trout (240) aren’t the only guys coming into spring training with some added bulk.  The Kung Fu Panda showed up a bit soft at 262 and the Giants are not happy it.

How does the ACC think they can keep FSU, VT or Clemson in the conference, if this is the type of thanks they get for going to the ACC Title game?

The Morning Dump: 2/11/12

The Mariners are holding on to that checkbook after some red flags about Felix Hernandez’s elbow should up in his physical.  I know my Dr. is thorough during my physical and can’t imagine how intrusive a physical is when $175M is riding on it.

imagesHow awesome is Lebron James playing right now?  30 points scored in the last 5 games with a FG% of over 70% in that span.

3 OTs for the Celtics vs. the Nuggets!  I was about to call whomever was playing the Celtics tonight my lock of the year, but then I realized they were playing the Bobcats and a group of tired old men should be able to beat them.

It looks like the Vikings are going to part ways with Percy Harvin and I am betting he ends up in a Patriots uniform after the dust clears.

The Paterno family has released their findings of the “Freeh Report” and they call it an attack against Paterno’s legacy.  When did the Paterno family become the victims of this? Continue reading