I Hope Ryan Newman Crashes The Chase With A Winless Championship Season



In NASCAR’s new “Winning Matters More” Chase format, winless Ryan Newman is on the verge of winning a championship and for the sake of chaos I NEED this to happen.  If Ryan Newman was to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup Title, it would clearly make this the most worthless championship that anyone has ever won.  Think about it.  The driver that won a series leading 8 races in 2003 to finish 6th in the standings could now earn a series championship by not finishing out front once.  I love it!  NASCAR is so messed up.  How can you explain a driver who ranks tied for 14th in victories (0), 15th in top 5 finishes (4) and 10th in top 10 finishes (15)?  You can’t!  He doesn’t even have a 2nd place finish this season.  This scenario is so crazy that I may have to actually watch the race instead of NFL football on Sunday.  Not really though, but GO NEWMAN, GO CHAOS and GO NASCAR STUPIDITY!

FYI.  I don’t dislike Newman one bit and would really love to see him get a title.  I just think they way he may “earn” one is ludicrous.


The Morning Dump: 4/15/13

Have all you dumpers got your taxes done?

imagesAdam Scott drained a 15-foot birdie putt on the 2nd playoff hole to win his 1st major and the 1st Masters title for Australia.  Long praised as the next Greg Norman, Scott now has a major victory to hush some detractors.

The Lakers beat the Spurs last night to move closer to a playoff berth and a matchup with the Thunder.  A Kobeless Laker team has no chance vs. the Thunder, but would be my pick vs. the Spurs in a series.

Smart move by Carlos Quenton to drop his appeal before the Dodgers/Padres series gets started today.  We may still see some bad blood between these two teams.

The world on the street is that Darrell Revis used the Giants’ surgeon for his knee surgery and the Jets aren’t happy about it.

Mike Rice is still coaching and his daughters AAU team is now getting the brunt of his homophobic slurs.

imagesThe Atlanta Braves are looking very good now.  Can they keep it up?

Is anyone surprised that a gun was brought into the infield of the NRA 500 and a man killed himself during the race?  I’m not.


The Morning Dump: 3/26/13

imagesThe Heat’s streak is at 27 games and I can’t wait for Sunday night’s matchup @ the Spurs.  Can Duncan and the boys stop the streak?

Tiger Woods ins at Bay Hill and becomes the #1 ranked golfer in the world again.  Woods isn’t striking the ball very well by his standards, but he is putting lights out.  When Tiger is dropping putts, he can’t lose.

Denny Hamlin suffered a spinal fracture in the wreck on Sunday and there is no word yet on how much time he will miss.  Do you think a Safer Barrier is getting put up at Fontana as we speak?

Tubby Smith is out in Minnesota and Shaka Smart is on the buzz list.

tsWoes for Stewart-Haas Racing.

I think the Carson Palmer era of the Oakland Raiders is over and the Geno Smith era is about to begin.

Team USA is going into Mexico tonight and hopes to steal a huge win.




The Morning Dump: 3/25/13

imagesKyle Busch wins in Fontana as Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin wreck fighting for the win.  Denny is still in the hospital (back) and this Logano/Hamlin feud is not going away.

Tony Stewart went after Logano after the race for doing exactly what Stewart would have done.  I like the new “I’m standing up for myself” Logano.

FGCU is this first #15 seed to ever make the Sweet 16 and “Dunk City” is becoming the nation’s favorite team.

hicksNew Minnesota Twins center fielder, Aaron Hicks is going to be a MVP very soon.  Mark it down.

The Ravens have finally made a move that helps their team and signed Elvis Dumervil.  Some Ravens players are even using the dreaded “Dream Team” line.

The WBC has stepped up and will pay the salaries of the players injured in the WBC Classic while they are out.  Surprising move to say the least.

Only 6 days away from Sunday night’s MLB opener of the Rangers vs. Astros.

Tiger Woods has to wait to today to get a win at Bay Hill due to weather scratching Sunday’s round.


The Morning Dump: 3/18/13

It’s the day after St. Patty’s Day and the gutters are overrun with green puke and the brackets are getting filled.  I love tournament time.

untitledMy Final 4 is Mich St., Arizona, Florida and Indiana.  (That is not set in stone and my change 20 more times before my bracket is done.)

Let’s talk about brackets.  I hate more than anything when people do multiple brackets.  I do one bracket and submit it in any bracket pool I want to enter and that is how it should be done.  No man should ever say “I called that Duke upset in one of my brackets.” or “I need to check my brackets and see how I did in them.”.  BE A MAN AND DON’T DO MUTIPLE BRACKETS!

GSP put it on Nick Diaz at UFC 158, but Diaz’s admition that he has never paid taxes in the post-fight presser has made the most news.

The Miami Heat’s win streak is at 22 games and I think that the Lakers 33 game win streak is in jeopardy if they can get by the Celtics tonight.

Speaking of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek is stepping down and I hope they give The Jumbo a call.

My Pens vs. Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final prediction is still looking good.

imagesKasey Kahne took an exciting win in Bristol yesterday.  I don’t think the Hamlin/Logano fued will die down anytime soon.

2 weeks until opening day of the 2013 MLB season and I can’t wait.


The Morning Dump: 3/15/13

untitledNFL free agency is shaking out and here is my quick opinion on some early moves.  Loved it: Reggie Bush to Lions, anything Seattle has done, Saints signing of  Keenan Lewis. Hated it: Bushrod to Bears, Welker to Denver.

NBA admits that Dahntay Jones’ should have been called for a foul and throws some flames on the Kobe fire.

Geno Smith showed enough in his pro day to warrant an early 1st round pick.  I say there is no way he gets past the 8th pick.

Broncos safety Quinton Carter got caught adding money to his bets after the dice were rolled  in Vegas over the weekend.  Luckily he was just arrested and they didn’t bust his hands for the transgression.

Jennifer Capriati was arrested for attacking her ex-boyfriend.  It has not been reported what stroke she used.  Front-hand or back-hand?

JJClint Bowyer will win the Food City 500 in Bristol this weekend, but if he doesn’t Jimmie Johnson is my pick.

How sad is it that Kevin Kolb and Matt Cassel are in demand even though they suck this bad?

Are You Ready For The NRA 500?

imagesIn just over a month a NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Texas is going to be sponsored for the 1st time by the NRA and a lot of people are not going to like it.  The reactions are already starting with Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy calling for NASCAR to not allow it, but the opposition is wrong.  If there was any sport that was built for the NRA crowd it is NASCAR and if there is any state built to host the 1st race sponsored by the NRA its Texas.  Frankly I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a NRA sponsored event each year in Texas.  I know we are in the middle of the biggest “Gun Rights/Control/Oppression” push in our time, but fighting this is not a constructive way to voice your opinion.