TSD 2014 World Cup Quarterfinals Preview and Predictions

Now that the USMNT is out and I no longer have a national rooting interest to worry about, I can now drop my predictions for the quarters.  Though I would have preferred watching some Team USA over this holiday weekend, the matches will be very exciting.

Friday, July 4th

Germany vs. France  (12pm ESPN2)



France will have to rely on its strong defense (2 WC Goals Allowed) and hope it can take advantage of Germany’s struggling backline to advance.  The Germans boast the stronger side, but outside of their 4-0 beatdown of Portugal they have not shown it.  I’m giving the Germans the edge to move on to the semifinals and a matchup with the Brazil/Colombia winner.  The only wildcard is the reported flu going through the German team in the lead-up to this match.  Germany 2-1

Colombia vs. Brazil (4pm ESPN)

Columbia has by far been the most fun team to watch in the 2014 World Cup and I don’t see them letting up.  Due to the pressure they’ve felt to perform, I’ve rooted hard for the host team, but I don’t see them getting past Colombia.  Columbia’s James Rodriquez is becoming a star on the national stage and I expect for him outshine Neymar.  Brazil has the talent, but outside of Neymar they have not consistently shown up.  Colombia will also be boasted by the hole left in Brazil’s middle from the loss of Luiz Gustavo.  Colombia 2-0

Saturday, July 5th

Belgium vs. Argentina (12pm ABC)



Can the greatest player in the world carry Argentina to the semifinals?  Not by hisself he can’t.  Messi has done it all for Argentina, but without the rest of the team, this is as far as they will go.  I think Sergio Aguero has a chance to step up vs. Belgium, and that would help Messi a lot.  Belgium may continue to play tight until after the 70th minute and hope for late game heroics to get past, but attacking early could take advantage of Argentina’s suspect backline.  Argentina 1-0

Costa Rica vs. Netherlands (4pm ESPN)

It will be the Dutch attack vs. the Costa Rican defense on Saturday afternoon, and I think we will be in for some great soccer.  If van Persie and Robben are on, Costa Rica will have major problems slowing them down.  I look for the Dutch to end the surpise run of the Costa Ricans and to move on to face Argentina is the semis.  Netherlands 2-0

So there you go folks.  Chill the beers, fire up the grill and get ready for some great soccer.


’60 Minutes Sports’ to debut tonight with Messi interview

imagesCAUAL29KIf you have a sports show that you are wanting to start, there is no bigger debut interview to have than Lionel Messi.  The undisputed greatest soccer player ever sits down with Bob Simon of ’60 Minutes Sports’ for a rare interview where Messi says “There’s always space to grow up and be better. We never reach perfection, I will keep trying to be better and better and keep growing as a player.”  Better that 91 goals in a year?  I believe him.


Messi and Barca Continue To Roll

It doesn’t get much more impressive than the current run Barcelona and their star Lionel Messi are on.  Barca is sitting at with an unbeaten 15-1-0 record and 9 points clear of Atletico Madrid, the next closest team in the La Liga standings.  A 9 point lead in the month of December is epic and it would take Barca sitting out and taking up American football for them to lose this lead. 

Then you have the GREATNESS that is Lionel Messi.  “The Flea” moved his calendar year goal record to 90 goals (1 game left) and with 25 goals for Barca this season, he has more goals than 15 of the La Ligas 20 teams.  He is a guaranteed 4-time winner of the Ballon d’Or and this quote says it all.

“It is clear that Messi is on a level above all others. Those who do not see that are blind.”- Xavi


The Morning Dump: 11/27/12

I have never been more sad to see the decline of a coaching career than I have to see Andy Reid’s fall in Philly.  Can Philly fire him or will he just resign?

“Bobcats finish with 69 points, shoot 23-79 from the field. In March of 1990, Owner MJ drops 69 while shooting 23-37.”- Rich Levine.  Just when I was ready to praise the Bobcats, they give me last night’s game.

San Francisco General Hospital is asking for $1.2m from the Los Angeles Dodgers for the medical treatment of Brian Stow.  It has been over a year and a half since Giant’s fan Brian Stow was beaten into a coma outside Dodger Stadium.

What happens when you can’t outscore the Jacksonville Jaguars?  You get fired.  The bad news is that Titans OC Chris Palmer has been let go.  The good news is he will not have to watch the Titans play anymore.

The Chicago Cubs have hired Rob Deer as a hitting coach.  How can a guy with a .220 career batting average get a job as a hitting coach?  Only for the Cubs.

Without P.J. Hairston UNC will have trouble pulling the upset at Indiana tonight. 

Lionel Messi scored 2 goals as Barca continued its roll in the Spanish League.  Barcelona is 12-0-1 this year and easily in front of the league.

UFC’s Dennis Hallman lost his home on Thanksgiving to a fire and the MMA community is stepping up to help.


Lionel Messi Has Sired A Future Soccer Legend

The world’s greatest soccer player and Sports Dump obsession, Lionel Messi first-born son arrived last week and was signed to a club contract with Barcelona 20 minutes after his birth.   Messi’s girlfriend, Antonella Rocuzzo gave birth to Thiago Messi last Friday and the player is overjoyed.  The only ones who are disappointed are the billions of women who wanted to be the first to birth a Messi offspring and Pele.  Messi missed practice on Friday, but will be back to break Pele’s record of 75 goals (Messi has 73) for club and country in one calender year.

John Leicester Needs To Be Careful When Questioning The Greatness Of Messi

I think I understand what Mr. Leicester is doing here.  He is trying to keep a little suspense in the race for World’s Greatest Player for 2012.  Lionel Messi is currently riding a 3 year run as the Ballon d’Or and it is near blasphemy to suggest he won’t get #4.  So I will give John Leicester a bit of leeway, but I will be monitoring him and his hate speech for the rest of the year. 

Ronaldo should edge Messi for Ballon d’Or